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History Lessons

A neat summation of how the virtues of 'old-fashioned' advertising can, and should, inform contemporary work. And as the author implies at the end of the piece, all this good stuff can be found in some of the great advertising books. If I had to choose one, it'd be Luke Sullivan's absolutely essential Hey Whipple, Squeeze This: The Classic Guide to Creating Great Ads. Required reading for everybody who works in advertising.


Stuff From Dave's Loft

Dave Dye, one of the UK's most respected and experienced Art Directors, runs a fantastic blog called Stuff From The Loft that features stuff from his (metaphorical) loft. It's packed to the rafters with interviews, stories, case studies, portfolios and all manner of flotsam and jetsam that shows how fascinatingly fun and creative advertising used to be. Truly marvellous.



A Book by Bob


Always entertaining, often funny and never wrong, Bob Hoffman's new book should be just the thing we need to cut through the endless marketing drivel that's out there. As the promotional blurb states:

"In marketing today, delusional thinking isn't just acceptable -- it's mandatory. In "Marketers Are From Mars, Consumers Are From New Jersey", Bob Hoffman, author of "101 Contrarian Ideas About Advertising" and "The Ad Contrarian" explains how marketers and advertisers have lost touch with consumers and are living in a fantasy land of their own invention -- fed by a cultural echo chamber of books, articles and conferences in which people like them talk to people like them."

Buy it here for only $1.56.


A great series of fun ads that get across the message that WeightWatchers isn't just a last resort for the morbidly obese: it's there for everyone, for both you and me (well, not me). There's an ad for men, an ad for parents and an ad for busy people like you and me (well, not me). 

The production and editing is superb. But it's the carefully chosen cast of characters that make the difference: stressed out mums, busy management types, the working man, drinkers, eaters, joggers... the lot. And best of all, you get the impression that taking part in WeightWatchers will be fun, easy and completely tailored to you. Great work all round.