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Baffling, Comical, Impenetrable

All advertising agencies essentially offer the same sort of things. And because of that, many of them struggle to find ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Often they try to do this by creating an agency personality, or a distinctive tone, or maybe something they can own (such as some kind of high falutin’ marketing methodology that comes with its own trademark but is, when examined, little more than the same old thing dressed up a bit). As a result of this desire to be different, agencies often talk about themselves in ways that, outside of the industry, would be baffling, embarrassing and comical.

Marketing-speak has become so entrenched now that anyone working within the industry feels the pressure to behave like a bullshit-spouting buffoon. We all know it’s a load of nonsense but we all feel the need to play the game: because playing the game suggests to everyone else – especially to our competitors – that we understand the rules. Best of all, by conducting ourselves like this we can carry on the tradition of pretending to outsiders that marketing is some kind of mystical art (or science) that only those possessed of the requisite skills and obfuscating language can truly understand. God forbid, for instance, that we ever tell clients that good marketing is often just good old common sense. And, of course, there’s money to be made from turning something simple like building a brand into something that’s complicated and difficult.

Anyway. Here we have a Tumblr site dedicated to collecting some of the best (or worst) examples of how agencies talk about themselves. Some are funny, some are a bit sad and some are really annoying. Click the link below:

Agency Wank