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Lynx - A Step Too Far?

The rather hackneyed premise that Lynx is basically a magnet for women was previously delivered with a great deal of wit and charm. It had to be – not simply because the idea was so ludicrous (have you ever had a whiff of Lynx?) but also because it enabled them to get around any charges of sexism. They were so obviously tongue-in-cheek that even the most ardent offence-seeker would be forced to look elsewhere.

Their latest ad has taken everything a step further, and maybe a step too far. Lynx no longer just attracts gorgeous women, it now reduces anyone who smells it, man or woman, to the level of the animals, unable to control their lust. Delivered in the style of a news bulletin, the Lynx effect is now a worldwide epidemic that is destroying society. In this respect, it’s an obvious – and rather clunky – homage to the millions of zombie things we’ve seen a million times before.

I don’t understand the thinking behind this. It creates a scenario that no-one in their right mind would want. At least with the older ads you can imagine that the majority of men would regard being chased by hundreds of scantily-clad women as something rather desirable. At least on the surface. But as I say, those ads were charming and funny – they told us something about Lynx as a brand.

Perhaps it would have worked better if the being-unable-to-control-their-lust scenario was presented as something fun and desirable. Maybe it should have been about the positive aspects of lifting people’s inhibitions so they can enjoy themselves – rather than the negativity of falling prey to something that screws up their lives.