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Renault Clio - Unsuspecting Girls and Guys

Two ads: one for men, one for women. Both with exactly the same premise and scenes. Except that one ends with half-naked men parading about and the other ends with half-naked women parading about. Sexist, yes. But in a hipster, post-laddish/ladette, post-ironic kind of way that only offence-seeking puritans would have a problem with.

It's done well enough and would work much better if we believed the set-up was genuine and that the test-drivers were real people. I'd love to see the outtakes of actual drivers squirming with embarrassment or declaring that, actually, they're gay. And it'd have been nice to see two completely different versions: the 'guy' ad featuring a proper pub, full English breakfasts, football and fully naked women. But then I suppose that wouldn't be French enough.

Still, it's good to see a car ad attempting something different.