Paul Saxton

Advertising and marketing copywriter based in Norwich. I can help you to build your brand by helping you to sell your products and services.



I create everything from copywriting projects to full-blown advertising campaigns. This includes brochures, press ads, posters, TV ads, radio ads, social media campaigns, direct marketing packs, web sites and PR.


Great ideas and good, clear thinking – along with the ability to simplify rather than complicate – is the best way to get your message across. I don’t show off, I don’t do jargon and I don’t waste your time on fads, fancies and fallacies.


I am quick, efficient and have a keen eye for detail. Which is what you'd expect from a copywriter. But I also know how best to communicate to the many different audiences out there - something that comes from my 20 years' experience as an advertising creative. If you need a certain style or a certain tone, I can deliver creative work that's exactly right. 


As a creative marketing strategist, I know what will, and what won't, work. Writing great words and coming up with great ideas is just part of what I do: I also know how to make it all work within an integrated marketing campaign. 


You might not want a full-blown integrated campaign. You might just want some clever headlines for a poster. Or inspirational body copy for a press ad. Or a number of product descriptions for your annual brochure. Or a carefully crafted sales letter to new clients. Or something sparkling for your website. Or some cracking dialogue for your next radio ad. Or... well, you get the idea. Headlines, short copy, long copy, a new tone of voice: whatever you need, I can deliver.


I can advise you on where best to focus your attention and how best to spend your money – even if that means not spending it on marketing.